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Fic - Dog Fancy: Sirius Learns the Truth (NC-17)

Title: Dog Fancy: Sirius Learns the Truth
Characters: Remus/Padfoot(Sirius), James, Peter
Summary: Sirius wants Remus, but Remus still wants Padfoot... and James and Peter aren't the only ones that notice something odd is going on.
Rating: NC-17, slash
Kinks/Warnings: Animagus!bestiality, rimming, felching (of a sort), just generally filthy
Word-count: ~3100
Disclaimer: All characters property of JKR, making no money off this, and if JKR really wants it she can have it. In fact, I'll be quite shocked and amused if she does want it... Oh, and I don't mean to piss off anyone with Dog Fancy magazine (a purely innocent pet hobbyist publication) either... I just like the name.
Beta: carvedwood - any remaining errors are all mine.
Author Note: Whew! Finally got this finished after it sat for ages on my hard drive, half completed. Thanks to all the people who read and commented on parts 1 & 2, which really should be read first if you haven't read them already.

Many of the girls, and even a few of the boys, had taken note of the new spring in Sirius Black’s step as he walked down the corridors of Hogwarts. A couple of the more knowledgeable upper-year boys even suspected the reason for it, deciding it looked a little bit like a sore limp – and taken in combination with the daft grin he had plastered across his face, they were fairly certain he had lost his virginity in a rather spectacular way. Of course, there was only one person who knew the truth behind the speculation... and that was Remus Lupin, the one who had taken said virginity.

However, none of the students noticed Remus acting differently – save one notable exception. This particular boy had noted the sly glances that Remus occasionally shot at Sirius, and was quite disappointed to see that Sirius was now smiling back at Remus much more often than usual. He went back to eating his breakfast, pointedly trying to ignore this new development between Remus and Sirius.

Peter walked up to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to James. “Remus, would you mind giving me some help with my revising for Defense this afternoon?”

Before Remus could answer, Sirius said, “Sorry, Peter, but I’ve already asked Remus to give me a hand today. Isn’t that right, Moony?” Under the table, he pulled Remus’ hand into his lap to cup the bulge in his trousers.

“Er – right,” Remus sputtered out, looking slightly flustered.

“Don’t worry, Peter, I’ll help you,” stated James, while glaring at Sirius.

“Ta, James,” the other three Marauders said in unison. This caused Sirius and Remus to begin giggling while James scowled at them. Peter just looked puzzled.

“Oh, bugger, I forgot my books,” Remus said, as he stood up from the table. “I’ll see you in class later, guys.”

“Wait, Remus, I forgot mine as well,” said Sirius, as he rushed to catch up with Remus.

“What’s with those two?” Peter asked. “It’s almost as if they’ve been into your sativa.”

“I’m not quite sure, but I intend to find out,” James answered. He had the feeling he was being watched, and turned to see Snape and Sirius’ brother staring at them from the Slytherin table while whispering to each other.


Sirius had always both hated and loved History of Magic. Hated it, as it was the most positively boring class he had ever taken. Loved it, as it was the best class for plotting pranks, or daydreaming – as he was at the moment. Remus was sitting beside him in the back of the class, James and Peter were at the desk next to them; both had fallen asleep, Peter’s mouth slack and drooling onto his blank parchment. Sirius was sitting with his head on the desk over his crossed arms, watching through half-lidded eyes as Remus took notes, and thinking about their first time having sex. It had been so nice, even if it was a little painful – as Remus was quite well-endowed. He shifted in his seat at the slight discomfort, relishing the tenderness as he clenched his arse muscles.

Sirius thought about that morning in the Shack, how Remus had taken quite a bit of time gently preparing him. First, Remus maneuvered him up onto his hands and knees, spoke a cleansing charm, then licked his twitching hole until he had began to relax. Then Moony had thrust his tongue inside as deep as it would go as Sirius pushed his arse back into Remus’ face, seeking more of that wet, wonderful stimulation. He had whined when Remus finally pulled away, then moaned as two of Moony’s lubricated fingers thrust into him knuckle deep, spreading him open. Remus had twisted his fingers around inside, rubbing at the slick walls of muscle until he found a spot inside that made Sirius need to come the second Moony stroked it.

“All right there, Sirius?” Remus whispered to him, interrupting his remembrance.

Binns was still droning on at the front of the class, something about goblin wars and treaties. He could have been reciting medieval love sonnets for all Sirius cared at the moment. Sirius gave Remus his best randy grin and whispered back, “Mmmm, yeah. Just thinking about our last trip to the Shack. Tomorrow’s Saturday, want to go there again tonight?”

Remus gave a low growl before replying, “Don’t you have Quidditch tomorrow morning?”

“Forget Quidditch, Moony – I’d rather fuck you,” he said as he pulled Remus’ hand into his robes to stroke his erect prick, loving the look of shock Remus gave him when he realized Sirius had nothing on under his robes.

Remus tried to pull his hand back while saying, “Padfoot, I need to take notes...” but Sirius caught his wrist and thrust up into Remus’ palm.

Sirius reached over and ran his other hand over Remus’ groin, feeling the other boy’s cock grow harder under his caress. “Don’t worry, Evans will share her notes with you, then you can share them with the rest of us.” He felt Remus start stroking him in earnest, and said, “I’d like to go back to what I was thinking about before...”

Now, what was it Moony had called that little spot? Prostrate? No, prostate... well, whatever it was called, it was brilliant. The way he had stroked it, first gently, and then more insistently once he noted that it was driving Sirius wild. A third finger had joined Moony’s other two and Sirius felt stretched, almost uncomfortably so. Remus had pulled out all of the fingers a minute later and then flipped Sirius onto his back, pushed his legs up to his chest, and began to lick his hole again. Sirius had felt more open this time, much more so than when Remus had first started licking him, but it still didn’t make the pressure from Moony’s large cockhead much easier to take. Thank Merlin Remus had been patient with him, just rubbing the leaking head of his cock against Sirius’ tight ring of muscle before oh-so-slowly slipping just the tip inside. Just as Sirius had felt the painful burn of being entered, Remus had leaned down for a searing hot kiss, distracting him from the pain. Before Sirius had realized what had happened, Remus had buried his prick balls-deep inside him, and held perfectly still until Sirius had been able to relax his muscles around Remus’ thick cock. Remus had asked if he was all right, and he had nodded at Moony and ground his arse against his lover’s groin. That was all the prompting Remus had needed to begin fucking him, slow long strokes at first, then faster when Sirius wrapped his legs around Remus’ waist and arched up to rub his cock against the soft hairs on Remus’ belly. Then Moony had changed the angle of his strokes to repeatedly hit Sirius’ prostate, and he had felt his sac tighten and had known he was about to –

Remus interrupted him again, whispering, “Pads, if you don’t stop that I’m going to come –”

“That’s the idea, Moony.”

“Oh, fuck –”

“Here? In class? Why, you kinky beast! Too bad people would probably notice if we started fucking...”

Remus groaned.

Sirius focused all of his attention on getting Remus off. “Pity I can’t get under the desk and suck you off, either,” he whispered, his breath hot in Remus’ ear. He gave it a lick. “Lick your balls. Would you like that, Moony?” He slipped his hand in Remus’ pants, only slightly disappointed that Remus stopped stroking him. That was a sure sign that Remus was getting close... He slicked his palm with the precome from the tip of Remus’ cock and began fisting him, pulling his foreskin back and forth over the head. “I’d swallow you down, suck you deep into my throat, make you come in my mouth. Mmmm... you always taste so good... Come for me, Moony. Right now.”

Remus moaned and spilled over Sirius’ fist.

The entire class, except Binns – who kept on with his lecture – turned to look at him.

“You all right, Remus?” James asked muzzily, waking from his nap.

“Ah, just a... stomach ache...” Remus said, looking rather flushed.

“I’ll take him to the infirmary, James. Probably just something he ate... C’mon, Remus.” Sirius grabbed Remus with his dry hand and pulled him out of the classroom, glad that his own robes effectively hid his erection. Once they were out of the room, Sirius licked all the come off his sticky hand, while Remus avidly watched each swipe of Sirius’ tongue.

They only made it as far as the closest boy’s loo before Remus fell to his knees, pushed up Sirius’ robe, and did all the things Sirius had threatened to do to Remus in class.


When James and Peter came back to the dorm after class, Remus and Sirius were sprawled on Sirius’ four poster. Studying. If that wasn’t suspicious enough, Sirius was laying on his stomach, head toward the foot of the bed and running his toes through Remus’ hair.

“How was your trip to the infirmary, Moony?”

“Ah... fine, Prongs. I’m feeling much better now.” Remus slapped Sirius’ foot away. “Stop it, Sirius,” he hissed.

“Right,” James said, giving Remus a disbelieving look.

Sirius rolled onto his back and looked at James, upside down. “Is it time for supper, Prongs? I got so involved in studying for Charms –”

“But that’s your Transfiguration text, Padfoot,” Peter pointed out.

“Yeah, er, Moony’s studying Charms, I’m –”

“No, Moony’s got his Potions text –”

“Oh. Well. Heh. Time for supper, right? We’d best get going, eh, Moony?” Sirius sat up and quickly put his shoes back on, then grabbed Remus and they headed out of the dorm. “We’ll see you downstairs,” Sirius called, as they rushed out the door.

“Coming, Prongs?” asked Peter.

“I think I’d best check my stash first, make sure they haven’t nicked any,” answered James, as he opened his trunk.


The rest of the evening passed without much comment. James and Peter did give Sirius a bewildered stare when he and Remus turned in early for the evening, refusing the Firewhiskey Peter offered as well as not smoking with James. Completely mental was James’ assessment of the situation, and Peter had to agree.


Sirius woke Remus sometime around 1:30 to sneak out of the dorm. The walk to the Shack was even colder than their last trip, so Sirius cast warming charms on the blankets as soon as they got upstairs. Remus pulled off his robes and dove under the covers, complaining the whole time that if Sirius had learned such effective warming charms he should’ve cast them on their robes. Sirius just laughed and mumbled something about not wanting to be deprived of the fun of warming his Moony up whilst nibbling at Remus’ collarbone.

After a few minutes of snogging and groping, Sirius rolled on top of Remus and rubbed the moist head of his cock against Remus’ tight arsehole. “Can I fuck you, Moony? Want to know what it feels like – being inside you – feel you hot and tight, surrounding me...”

Remus looked guiltily up at him. “Padfoot, would you mind – changing?”

Sirius frowned. “Moony, why do you want me to? It’s almost as if – as if –”

“What is it, Sirius?”

Sirius rolled onto his side next to Remus. “As if you don’t want me. You just want –”

“That’s not true. Not. True. You think I go to the park, trying to lure people’s pets away for a little fun?”

Sirius looked at him sheepishly while picking at the blankets.

“You do think that. Sirius, I –”

Sirius reached out and stroked Remus’ cheek. “I’m sorry, Remus. Please. Explain it to me? I want to understand...”

Remus took a deep breath and sighed. “Well, you know I’ve always been different... I was surprised that I was offered the opportunity to come to Hogwarts, what with my ‘furry little problem’ and all...”

“Go on.”

“Third year – as if being a werewolf wasn’t bad enough – I realized I was queer as well. Ah, at least I realized I had no interest in girls... I suppose I started noticing my – attraction – to boys in fourth year...”

“And your attraction to me?” Sirius whispered.

“Fifth year. When you all showed me that you had learned the Animagus transformation, it... well, it really – touched me, you know? That you all cared enough to do it...”

Sirius looked sheepish again. “Moony –”

“Oh, I know you all did it for other reasons as well, but still... it meant a lot to me. It means a lot to me. And you... a dog... another canine... it just...” Remus blushed.

“What, Moony?” Sirius moved closer, wrapped his arms around Remus and kissed his cheek.

“It was like we were – connected, you know? Made for each other, perhaps, and... Merlin, I sound like such a girl...”

“’S ok, Moony, I’d still like you even if you were a girl.”

“That really doesn’t make me feel better...”

“What I mean is, it’s you I l-like, Remus. I don’t care if you’re a boy, a werewolf –”

“Well, that’s good, since I’m both of those –”

“We’ve gotten a bit off the topic – you were going to explain why –”

“I’m getting to that.” Remus let out a long breath. “Fifth year. I realized I was attracted to you. I tried to ignore it, as I didn’t think you would be interested in me.”

“Since you’re a queer werewolf and all...” Sirius said with a sly grin.

Remus laughed. “Well, yeah... But I didn’t think you were queer, didn’t think you knew I was queer –”

“I didn’t. James had to tell me – I can be a bit thick sometimes.”

“Very true.”

With an indignant look, Sirius said, “Oi! You don’t have to agree with me!”

Remus smiled. “Anyhow, finally I couldn’t ignore it anymore after I spent my summer hols thinking about you... and I guess it became obvious to James –”

“You did change your routine and started showing up in the showers at the same time as me, every damn day...”

“And you seemed to take a certain amount of pleasure in tormenting me... Honestly, Pads, who takes 45-minute showers?”

“As much as I’m enjoying this line of discussion, what does this have to do with you wanting me to fuck you as Padfoot?”

“I’m getting there, Sirius. You know this will be my first time, and I want to remember it. Every bit of it, for the rest of my life. And this... this way... I will always remember it was you. There won’t be any possible way I can ever forget it was you.”

“Until you meet some other canine Animagus, and run off into the forest with him...”

Remus looked away, obviously hurt.

“Oh, Moony! I’m just kidding... I think I –” Sirius put a hand under Remus’ chin, pulling him back to look deep into his eyes, and then kissed him. “Yes. Now I understand why, and... yes.”

Remus rolled up onto his hands and knees as Sirius moved behind him. “You need to prepare me a bit before you change, though your cock will provide enough lubri– oh, God!”

Sirius buried his tongue in Remus’ hole, alternately thrusting deep inside and sucking at the crinkled ring of muscle. The flavour left much to be desired – it reminded Sirius of black pepper and musk – but the effect it had on Remus was worth it. “Prepare you like this?” he asked. Remus just whimpered and pushed his arse back against Sirius’ lips. Sirius thrust his tongue in as deep as he could and changed into Padfoot. He wriggled his tongue a bit more, and was disappointed to find that it wasn’t as well suited for the job as his human one, so he pulled out and lapped long, wet swipes from Remus’ sac up to his hole.

Padfoot’s cock was hard and dripping, the furred sheath pulled completely back. He couldn’t wait any longer, instinct was taking over and he could think of nothing but mounting the willing body in front of him. He scrabbled up onto Remus’ back, claws scratching into tender flesh as he sought purchase to fuck his mate.

Remus hissed at the pain, but instead of complaining, said, “Do it, Pads, want to feel you inside me –”

Padfoot pressed the pointed tip of his prick against Remus’ hole, but he couldn’t get the angle quite right. His cock kept slipping up Remus’ arsecrack, until Remus reached between his legs to position Padfoot’s cock at his tight hole. He was able to sink all the way in with one thrust and he licked the nape of Remus’ neck in thanks.

Padfoot began thrusting his hips, quickly pumping his leaking prick into his mate’s slick channel. He felt Remus shift under him and could tell that Remus was stroking his own cock in time with Padfoot’s thrusts. He could feel his mate twitching around him, gripping his prick, then – oh – he felt his cock brush that little gland inside. It felt so good on his cock, so he kept rubbing against it, and Remus was panting and moaning underneath him. It was just too much, too much, and –

Padfoot howled as he came, his seed filling his mate. He stilled, and felt the knot at the base of his cock swell, stretching Remus’ hole to the limit, while his cock jerked and continued to pulse out hot streams of come. Remus was cursing and sobbing underneath him, frantically fisting his own prick until he sprayed his spunk over the bedding. Remus fell forward in an exhausted heap, and Padfoot lurched forward with him, still trapped tight inside Remus by the knot.

Some time later Padfoot’s cock finally began to soften and the knot receded enough for him to pull out. He frantically lapped at his mate’s stretched arsehole, cleaning away all the bitter come. Remus rolled on his back and Padfoot began the same process on Remus’ cock and belly, lapping up the stray drops of seed until Remus was squirming under his tongue, begging him to stop.

“It’s too much, Sirius – stop it, Merlin, just change back, please –”

Sirius changed, blushing when he looked Remus in the eye. “Sorry, Moony. It’s just instinct, you know? I can’t –”

“It’s all right, Pads. I just got a bit overstimulated... God, I need a shower, but there’s no way I can walk back to the castle now... too tired...” Remus yawned.

Sirius cast Scourgify on the blankets before curling up with his body wound around Remus, pressing tight against his back. “Mmmm. Sleep does sound nice right now – do you think if we nap here we can still make it back before Wormtail and Prongs wake up?”

Remus didn’t answer, it appeared that he had already fallen asleep. Sirius nuzzled the hair at the nape of his neck, and whispered, “Love you, Moony.”

There was no reply, other than an almost imperceptible tightening of Remus’ fingers, which were intertwined with his own. But Sirius might’ve imagined it.
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