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I really haven't posted much lately as RL has been giving me a swift kick in the ass lately... so I'd rather talk about stuff and nonsense than the crap that has been keeping me from writing in my journal.

First off, other than lddurham, is anyone on my f-list going to Yaoi Con? I plan on being there (unless an emergency comes up) and would love to meet with anyone else who is going too.

Next, I'd like to hear from anyone who uses BPAL oils. I have been thinking of ordering them for a while now but have held off as I didn't know quite where to get started. So if there is anyone out there reading this that has a scent or two to recommend to me, fire away. To give you some idea of what sort of fragarance I like, I prefer spicy/woodsy/fruity scents (vanilla, amber, myrrh, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, carnation, orange blossom, pear, musk, etc.), and my favorite mainstream/commercial perfumes are Opium and Poison.

Last (but not least) I am starting to get in a Halloween mood and am looking for cool seasonal icons. Anyone know where I can find some? (It's not a Halloween thing, but I'd really like an icon of Pugsley from Addams Family Values in his turkey costume, preferably saying "Eat me!") Oh, and does anyone know where I can get the Pumpkin Masters Universal Monsters carving patterns? I think the book came out in 2003, and I can't find it for sale at any of the local stores.

On the subject of Halloween, Target has been getting a large portion of my paycheck this month - their Halloween stuff is to die for this year! Every year they seem to do their seasonal decor in a particular "theme" and this year's has a Day of the Dead flavor to it, and I am in heaven. I wish I could buy it all! Michaels has some interesting things as well... I had to stop myself from buying the overpriced haunted pirate ship from their Halloween village collection - the boat rocks like it is sailing, plays a sea shanty, and has cool lighting effects (cannon blasts, lightning, etc.) but it just isn't worth the $60 or so they are charging for it.
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