Kitsune (kitsune) wrote,

OMG we are STILL moving!


We are still in the process of moving, I'm just taking a short break right now while Mr. G and I wait for reinforcements (er, well, just our friend Warren) to arrive. We finally finished getting everything out of Mr. G's appartment as of September 30th, and only have until October 15th to finish mine... and it looks like we will be running right up to the wire on it as well.

Good news is that the weekend after we finish the "move from hell" (as it shall be known for all eternity) we will be going on a 3 week vacation - including, but not limited to, stops in Anaheim, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle... and maybe a day jaunt to Canada if they will let us back in the USA with nothing but California driver licenses.

Anyone with suggestions of good places to eat, drink, shop, or take photos please comment. We are especially interested in:

*microbreweries that give tours
*good record stores that focus on punk and/or garage rock
*great resteraunts that don't cost an arm and a leg
*interesting book stores (yeah, Mr. G is going to take me to Powell's)
*bars that have excellent live bands (we support local music, and always want to hear new bands)
*any stores/shops that specialize in the out of the ordinary (pirate stuff, decent sexuality stores like Babeland or Good Vibrations, metaphysical shops, candle shops, really great comics shops, bead stores, etc...)
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