Kitsune (kitsune) wrote,

V for Vendetta

This is the comment I left in persephone56's LJ. I had told her I was going to see V after she had left a favorable review of it and she asked to hear what I thought.

The short version: my best friend & I are calling it the best movie of 2006. This might seem odd since it's only March, but I said the same thing when we saw Sin City last year, and I still stand behind that statement. His first statement after the film was over was that he couldn't wait for the DVD, and I agree.

Comments were also made that it's interesting that the best films coming out now are based on comic books - not that all comic-based films are good, we did make the mistake of seeing Ultraviolet... but Sin City and V for Vendetta were just so amazing!

Interesting casting - we were laughing at John Hurt as the Chancellor (he played a dissident in 1984), and Stephen Rea as a government detective (he played an IRA terrorist in The Crying Game). It seemed like the coolest inside joke, and my best friend feels certain that those particular actors were cast into those roles on purpose.

Hugo Weaving was brilliant, we were comparing his performance with Lon Chaney in Phantom of the Opera. Obviously, his movements weren't as overblown and dramatic as Chany's, but there are definite differences in the acting required in silent films versus modern ones. Hugo was able to convey so much with his voice and actions that I love him even more now.

Only parts of the movie that didn't ring true for me were the last hand to hand fight V was in (just seemed too over the top to me) and the romance bit (it seemed forced and a bit out of place).

I'm definitely going to pick up the graphic novel - I have to read it now!
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