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Er, still not back yet...

Argh! I so meant to be back in LJ and fandom in general way before now... and I'm still not back yet.

Yes, I went to Anime Expo and waited in the miserable 3+ hour line to get in, just to buy: some Harry Potter dojinshi, new yaoi manga, a region-free DVD player, and a really great book all slash/boy's love/yaoi/whatever we are calling ourselves today fans should read - Wicked Gentlemen (look it up on Yes, I have been playing way too much World of Warcraft lately, but am sadly only up to level 67 on my main character. Yes, I have gone to a few shows to see friend's bands play, sometimes even bringing our new camera and taking a few photos.

No, G and I still haven't found a new apartment - there are many complications right now that are keeping us from doing so. Not all of it is bad, some of our issues are that we are choosing to go to shows, Anime Expo, etc. - instead of looking for new digs. Add planning a trip to Yaoi Con, Portland, and Seattle for October/November, the Order of the Phoenix coming out this week, book 7 coming out on the 20th, and San Diego Comic Con coming up at the end of this month... and it makes me think we probably won't get moved until Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/whatever winter holiday everyone is celebrating this year.
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