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Back really soon.... really!

Contrary to my expectations, the wonderful Mr. G and I have found and started moving into a lovely new apartment. Heh. And here I thought this wouldn't come to fruition until 2008!

Anyways, the place is a big 3 bedroom townhouse with an attached garage, and for only $150 more than we were paying for our 2 one-bedroom apartments combined. So now we have our master bedroom, a guest bedroom (for Mr. G's son, or other visitors), and a computer/office/gameroom. The living room has a vaulted ceiling, a gas fireplace, and a small covered balcony. It's all, well, just lovely... and we have tons of room for all the computers, books, DVDs, CDs, and my cats.

We are still finishing up the move, it's taking longer than expected as I did something horrible to my back the other day while moving a large TV. I'm getting better, with friends taking care of the heavy lifting (and the help of some muscle relaxants). So, very soon I am planning to be back on LJ, MySpace, and any other place on the net where people might be looking for me...
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