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kitsune's Journal

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12 June 1968
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This is one side of me: Completely mental and loving it, Ms. Kitsune (38) enjoys reading and writing humor, smut, and the occasional off-the-wall pairing. She loves old-school punk rock, microbrew beer, drunken debautchery, werewolves, Animagi, and her fur-sister and regular beta Ms. CarvedWood. She shares her home in San Diego, California with 2 cats, the equally mental Squeek and Lily. She feels that reviews and con-crit are better than a Gringott's vault full of Galleons, and that Sirius isn't really dead - he's just playing hide and go seek with Harry and Remus.

And this is the other: I am a moderator for a local music calendar/mailing list on Yahoo - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdshowgoer/ - check it out if you are in SoCal. I bring my camera to almost every show I go to - I am trying to perfect the art of drunken concert photography. Purple is my favorite color, Arrogant Bastard Ale is my favorite beer, and I love Japanese food but hate sushi. I also dig punk, garage, surf and rockabilly music, movies, comics, thrifting and swap meets, concert photography, shooting pool, collecting old cookbooks, trips to Disneyland whenever I have time. I'm reachable thru IM or My Space - http://profiles.myspace.com/users/1481109
a bittersweet potion, acme novelty library, adult swim, animagi, archie comics, army of darkness, arrogant bastard ale, barracuda magazine, beer, bill weasley, billiards, blondie, bowling, burlesque, captain sensible, casbah, cats, cheap trick, comic books, coop, crossdressing, curdled, daily show, deadbolt, dick dale, disney, disneyland, double bastard ale, draco malfoy, drinking, ed wood, eddie izzard, edward gorey, fanfic, fur, garage rock, ghost world, graham norton, hairspray, halloween, harold and maude, harry potter, haunted mansion, insomniac, jaime hernandez, japanese food, jesus and mary chain, john waters, kevin smith, l7, laugh-in, lemony snicket, live shows, lords of altamont, los straitjackets, mallrats, modern drunkard magazine, monsters, monty python, pee wee herman, percy weasley, photography, pinball, pirates of the caribbean, powerpop, psycho beach party, punk rock, reading, records, remus lupin, remus/harry, remus/sirius, renaissance faires, rimming, rockabilly, rocket from the crypt, ron weasley, sailor jerry rum, scary godmother, severus snape, severus/remus, shag, sirius black, sirius/harry, sirius/harry/remus, sirius/remus, six feet under, slash, slc punk, slytherin, snarry, snupin, squick, stubby boardman, sumo wrestling, surf rock, swap meets, swingin' neckbreakers, tank girl, tattoos, the bomboras, the boss martians, the briefs, the buzzcocks, the cramps, the creepy creeps, the damned, the forty fives, the fuzztones, the ghastly ones, the giant squid, the hives, the jam, the kinks, the phantom chords, the ramones, thee corsairs, thrift stores, throw rag, tikis, tim burton, transvestitism, werewolves, willy wonka, young ones

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